☦ приход Воскресения Христова ☦ село Карабаново - 24 AUGUST 2019 – Religious trip to the Trinity-Sypanov Convent (St.Pakhomius Convent) in Netekhta
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24 AUGUST 2019 – Religious trip to the Trinity-Sypanov Convent (St.Pakhomius Convent) in Netekhta

Today a group of the Home of Mercy residents went on a religious trip to the Trinity-Sypanov Convent (St.Pakhomius Convent) in Netekhta.


The pilgrims have arrived and are ready for an interesting excursion


The group enters the Convent


After a walk around the premises of the Convent they head for the church building


Sister Philareta meets the group and tells them about the great saint  Pakhomius of Nerekhta whose  name the Convent bears



The founder of the retreat was Venerable Pakhomuis of Nerekhta, a son of a priest from Vladimir. He became a monk of the Theotokos-Nativity Monastery in Vladimir. Later Sanctifier Alexis, the Metropolitan of Moscow, appointed Pakhomius as Father Superior of the Konstantin-Elenino monastery near Vladimir. Having organized the life of the monastery, St. Pakhomius left to become a hermit. He settled down on the bank of Solonitsa river, near a settlement called Nerekhta, in a village of Sypanovo. Around 1365-1378, together with local people Venerable Pakhomius built the wooden church of the Life-Giving Trinity and painted the icon of the Holy Trinity for the new church. His prayers awoke a saint spring at the bottom of the hill, on which the church stood. After his death on March 21, 1384 Venerable Pakhomius was buried inside of his creation — the Trinity church.


The pilgrims explore the interior of the church


Sister Philareta leads the pilgrims to the holy relics of St. Pakhomius


Kissing the relics


Our residents are very pleased by Sister Philareta's gifts


A picture to remember


Sister  Philareta leads us to St. Pakhomius spring


It wasn't an easy task! Only some of us reached the spring


The water proved to be delicious!


We take some with us


The sweet water made us want to stay here longer


A long way back


The view of the Convent from the location of the spring



Ready to go back home


This was our first and hopefully not last religious trip in Kostroma region




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