☦ приход Воскресения Христова ☦ село Карабаново - 15 FEBRUARY 2019
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15 FEBRUARY 2019

Helen Glubokovskaya, Olga Busorgina and Victoria Privalova came to the Home of Mercy today, bringing some wonderful watercolour portraits of a few residents painted by Olga. More are to come, as she plans to make one for every member of our family
In addition, Helen brought us another big plasma TV set - a new present from Vladimir and Helen Etush.


Helen Glubokovskaya and Olga Busorgina (on the right)






The Home of Mercy residents with Olga, the artist




Helen Glubokovskaya with the Home of Mercy residents


The new TV set from the Etush family was put in the women's room


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